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  Volcano Mombacho Properties

Listing Code: MOM1000
Sq. Feet: 1 acre
Price: US $ 15.000
Mombacho lot, 1 acre with views to Granada


Listing Code: MOM1010
Sq. Feet: 1.75 Acres

Price: US $ 69.000
Close to the entrance of the Nature reserve you will find this 1.75 acre lot. Cabana, bathroom, water, electricity. 600 Banana trees, mango, Coffee! Great to have your second home or start a Camping site.


Listing Code: MOM1020
Sq. Feet: 10 Acres

Price: US $249.000
Farm with nice house and a great swimming pool. Close to Granada. Great views. Ready to Move in!

MOM1030 - Finca Tepeyac Guanacaste

Listing Code: MOM1030
Price: US $40,000
Property located in the road between Granada and Nandaime, 6 mz in Caņa Castilla its 650 mts from the main road U$ 40,000 dollars very nice area with view of Mombacho Volcano.

MOM1040 - Mombacho Lot

Listing Code: MOM1040
Price: US $69,000
Unique building site close to the entrance of the well known "nature reserve" Mombacho. 1.75 acre with 600 banana trees, 500 coffeeplants, all different kind of fruits and beautiful ceder trees. Just 15 minutes from Granada, becoming very popular with investors because of the climate and beautiful nature. Only US $ 69.000. Let REMAX affiliated construction company built your home!

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